Autonomous Flying Robots:
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Micro Aerial Vehicles

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I Modeling and Control of small and Mini Rotorcraft UAVs

Chapter 2: Fundamental Modeling and Control of Unmanned Small-Scale and Miniature Helicopters

Chapter 3: Autonomous Control of a Mini Quadrotor Vehicle Using LQG Controllers

Chapter 4: Modeling and Control of an Autonomous Quad-Tilt-Wing (QTW) UAV

Chapter 5: Linearlization and Identification of Helicopter Model for Hierarchical Control Design

Part II Advanced Flight Control Systems for Rotorcraft UAVs and MAVs

Chapter 6: Analysis of the Autorotation Manoeuver in Small-Scale Helicopters and Application for Emergency Landing

Chapter 7: Autonomous Acrobatic Flight of Small Robotic Helicopters Using Feedforward Sequence Control

Chapter 8: Mathematical Modeling and Nonlinear Control of VTOL Aerial Vehicles

Chapter 9: Formation Flight Control of Multiple Autonomous Helicopters Using Predictive Control

Part III Guidance and Navigation of Short-Range UAVs

Chapter 10: Guidance and Navigation Systems for Small Aerial Robots

Chapter 11: Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Attitude Quaternion Sensor

Chapter 12: Vision-Based Navigation and Visual Servoing of Mini Flying Machines

Chapter 13: Autonomous Indoor Flight and Precise Auto-Landing Using Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensors