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Dynamic Holding


  • In order to achieve faster and more dexterous manipulations, we are proposing a strategy called ``dynamic holding.'' In the deynamic holding condition, an object is held in a stable condition while the object is moving at high-speed. In this reserch, high-speed dribbling is achieved as an example of dynamic holding using a high-speed multifingered hand and a high-speed vision system.

  • Static Holding

    Dynamic Holding

  • One Finger Dribbling

    Two Finger Dribbling



  1. Daisuke Shiokata, Akio Namiki and Masatoshi Ishikawa. Robot Dribbling Using a High-Speed Multifingered Hand and a High-Speed Vision System, 2005 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (Edmonton, 2005.8.5) / Proceedings, pp. 3945-3950.
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