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HIROBO SF40 main rotor diameter is 1,850 mm, approximately 1,500 mm length, about 10kgf weight.
HIROBO SF40 with stabilizer-less rotor head and safety skid
SF125 "SKY SURVEYOR" conducting inspections on the power cables with its camera, as shown in the lower part of this image.
SF125 "SKY SURVEYOR" Face to face!
QTW-UAV, a tilt-rotor craft
A snapshot of the field experiment at Toke, Chiba city, Japan.
Formation Control
SST-EAGLE2-GS LONGTAIL and its control devices
Autonomous control device developed in our laboratory
Curved trajectory-tracking control by optimal preview control.
Lepton-EX(back)and S.R.B Quark SG(flont)
Weight comparison of S.R.B Quark SG with and without control devices.
SF125 SKY SURVEYOR prof.Nonami and Member of HIROBO Limited
Members of the helicopter-control research team.


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Lepton-EX hovering control Download
Sceadu velocity control Download
QTW waypoint flight control Download
SF40 high speed flight control Download
SF40 autorotation control Download
SF40 formation flight control Download
SF40 following a circular orbit of 10m radius Download